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Hello Everyone Sites payment processors are 10% at ALL sites. We have enabled Purchase Balance on all sites except http://trafficx.club. We will give you 10 cents on every dollar purchased. If your not familiar with purchase balance A. Go to account page B. Click amount shown for purchase balance even if its 0.00C. select your payment processor & enter amount D. click on pay with your desired payment processor These funds can be used anytime.Extra Funds are done manually. Sale The sale is at ALL sites and is as follows:Monthly upgrades will receive $2.00 in account and 3 extra days.Yearly memberships will receive $5.00 in account.This sale starts upon receipt of this email Referral Contest is over official results posted on site under news Special Announcement We have opened a new site called http://trafficx.club We also have started a Purchase contest at all sites and will run until April 14th server time 16:00.The Purchase contest ends in a few hours See Purchase contest rules and prizes for more details Changes By joining the forum and if you post a payment we will put $0.25 in that account for the month of March.Payment proofs are not mandatory. Please post under the correct board.Also we have updated sites that are no longer in business and we have a list of known hackers. Thank you Admin... Read More

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    Traffic X is not an MLM, Pyramid Scheme, or Get-Rich-Quick program. We never require you to pay any fees to join our site. We do not require you to own a website or refer anyone to our site to use our services. We are an internet advertising program in which you receive payment entirely on the work you perform.

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